Bonding and Diversification


Rarely does those two people walk together, unless they agree, there goes a famous usage. There ought to be something that makes them feel attracted to one another .Whether beliefs, interests or values .Otherwise that relationship would be null and void. Or if it exists it would not be genuine and mutually beneficial. Rather a matter of convenience.

Meaning it can be brought to an end once it serves its purpose and each one of them going separate ways. Without any sense of pain or loss. Despite of their closeness .

For life has to move on and individuals have to expand their territories. Which without, there’s no hope  for  better things in future .Like freedom, prosperity and  happiness, among other. And which are for those with ambition. Not cowards and  day-dreamers, who risks nothing and fear disappointments.

Unfortunately our world is full of misfits and busy bodies. Who loves beggary. Instead of working hard for their  success like the rest. Despite of their learning. Whereby they sit and wait for opportunities to come and knock on their doors.

Instead of looking for them by marketing their wares. Which  could be anything; skills, knowledge and even ideas  provided they don’t copy-paste or steal from others.

This individuals driven by vengeance and hatred for authorities. Due perhaps to unfulfilled desires and childhood experience. That may have made them to lose trust and hope to live. Despite  of encouragement from society and their peers have encroached in almost all sectors of life; government, church, civil service, media and even schools and homesteads. Whereby dreams ought to be nurtured and ideas sharpened. Through  motivation.

That it is becoming difficult to differentiate them and the rest with perhaps a better under funding and perception. As they both work in same places and serve in same capacities as administrators and power-brokers, advisors of state and political parties. Both at local and international level on matters of importance like policing and institutional development.

But also to maintain sanity in public life with their lack of vision and empathy. Which makes them at best parasites and at worst leeches who suck blood. In the of brotherhood. Despite of their aggressiveness

For life is a  battle, and only  those with faith live to enjoy the good of the land. Despite of their  position. And  which is a result of hard work and selfless-giving knowing well that even  though we were born to enjoy and prosper. It never come easily ,without sweat and labor .We ought to do something before we get something. Whether higher grades in school or success in business. Unless were satisfied with our conditions and state of affairs.

Besides, our economy progress cannot be  sustained on aid. Which is unreliable and comes with conditions that at times are difficult to meet.

Instead we need to diversify and invest in technology . Apart from arts  as an alternative source of  livelihood. Despite of being labor and capital intensive.

Which means that we stop being  consumers and markets of foreign goods and  merchandise. Instead become producer and exporters of ideas and knowledge. Through innovation and net-working to  the relief of  the that-payer. Who would get value for his money and government which will increase her bargaining power with trading partners. Both at home and beyond.

All in the spirit of service and devolution that recognize talent  .Rather than status .

Personally, I would vouch my life for a politician truce outside conventional thinking and order. That would ensure that our people are no longer sidelined in the world of commerce by virtue of their birth and ethnicity. Through continuous lobbying and advocacy beginning with our former masters and colonial  powers.

I bet who are yet to appreciate that our lives are connected only by values and belief we share, not by influence and power we wield . Which are inconsequential as for as our destiny and happiness is concerned. Though they  help us  achieve our dreams and aspirations by ensuring our voices are  heard and decisions respected.

That’s before I return to the natives and local population, including leaders and public , who due perhaps to  vested interests and misinformation are likely to forget themselves in their search for power and recognition.

Therefore requiring constant reminder and encouragement that even though individual gains and success may be sweet and appealing to the mind. It ought not be an excuse to abdicate their responsibilities  of strengthening public institutions with creative ideology and legislative power to make informed decisions that runs their lives.

Rather it ought to be an opportunity for reflection and self-evaluation. With culture as a mediating force.

However I would be careful not to pass judgement on society and my peers for  refusing perhaps to accentuate to my ideas and view points. Despite of the temptations  and efforts to persuade them. For experience has shown that  not always would individuals welcome change in their lives and relations no matter how necessary and inevitable.

One wonders  therefore if there’s any need for education and other investments is geared towards transforming society and individuals lives. With a knowledge that the end results would be the same; despair and frustration. Should we not spend our time  in other ventures. That would not perhaps leave us with bitterness and regrets over wasted opportunity like clothing and other bodily pleasures. Bearing in mind their cultural values and import to our lives and communities.

For after all care whether we live in the sideline humanity as beggars; that’s with no choice and dignity in quotes. Despite of our vibrancy and energy. Or in the shadow of power as  kings ;that’s with rights and privileges in quotes. Despite of our  persuasions.

Other than  our detractors in government and opposition, with their partners in Europe and America in quotes.  I bet who love  controversy and making names. Out of sorrows and mishaps of others. In the name of brotherhood. God forbid!.

Our future lies in breaking completely from the past and forging new relations that would give us much needed space to explore and release from boredom. Due to denied opportunity and lack of incentive. But also  in restructuring our minds and value system to accommodate more diverse groups and opinions beyond the confined of time. Without necessarily being cynical or contemptuous.

Which includes, single parenting ,induced abortion for victims of rape and free maternal care for expectant women in all  private and public hospitals, among others .Despite of their religious and political connotations.

For none should denied opportunity to happiness and better life by virtue of his color or sex. As all humans are equal and therefore entitled to respect and dignity. And there is no better way to do this than allowing them freedom to choose  the kind of life they would want to live, the kind of company they would want to keep and more important the kind of relations they would want to engage in, especially  sexual.

With a strong expectation of gays and lesbians.

I bet who needs guidance and  counseling. Both spiritual and  psychological. If not prayers and laying of hands to bring them to their senses and realities of their time. Rather than condemnation and persecution. Despite of the temptation.

Unfortunately our education system has made us prisoners of lie and haters  of truth. That’s why perhaps we have  never seen any reason to  question society and her choices even if they  seem to undermine our  rights to happiness and expression. Despite of our learning and intelligence .Unless forced by circumstances beyond our control like death.

Meaning we’re more inclined to surrendering, than fighting on whenever we’re faced with  situations that taxes our minds. With  afew exceptions perhaps.

Who love adventure and exploration and which  has made the world a dangerous place to live. But also  made in science and other fields. Through research and innovation.

For our belief in God and His divine providence alone cannot solve world problems and injustices.

Both economic and historical. Without incentive.

Though it helps us appreciate life and law that governs it by challenging our minds and spirits. If not prejudices and fears for good of all, with patience and humility. No matter our place and position.

However we stand to benefit a lot if we connect ourselves with superior minds and ideas. Through bonding and diversification. Whereby everything from birth to maturity to the time we leave this world should be executed   according to God’s plan and purpose ;that’s paradise and eternal life on earth.

Rather than men’s willies and desire; subjugation and power amassing. Which should be sub-ordinate to law and  public   needs for posterity and development.

Despite of their import to society and individuals lives .With culture as a mediating force.

Otherwise we would be inviting trouble, not only for  ourselves. But also future generations. Who may not be in a position to fulfill their divine purposes in life. Due to poor foundation  we would have created for  them and false identity we would have  inculcated in their minds to their ruin and society at large.

Besides, the  world has never  been patient with individuals who  lack drive to  learn her ways and principles. Despite of their  beliefs and  positions. But also vision that for  centuries has  provided man with insight and guidance in his  search for  identity and love. In both thick and  thin  .Through stimulation.

As they undermine her rights to services and development by confining her to a life of beggary and  desperation. Instead of  inspiring her to  greatness and  re-discovery. Despite of her potential and  abilities.

Which is saddening indeed?

If not reckless and malicious

I am talking about paradigm shift from dependence to actualization. Whereby  initiatives would  be rewarded, not  discouraged. Through institutional  reforms   that  celebrates  diversity, not  bigotry and  chauvinism as  has  been the  case since  the  creation of  man  millions  of years ago

But also development  of  resource  centers, including  libraries and  universities. As  a  security  against  corruption  and  narcissism. With emphasis on skills  and  social  values . Rather  egos  and material  wants.

Though I  am cautious not  to  exclude  our  brothers  and  sister, with  different idea and belief system provided  they don`t  try to impose them  on us. Just like  we  ought  also not  try  to impose ours on  them  no matter  how  realistic  and  worthwhile  they  may appear.

For  destiny  is  as  a  matter  of  choice,  not  something  to  be  forced  on  individuals . Whether  by  state  or  leaders, with interests in  their lives  and cultural relations

This  however doesn`t mean relenting  in  our  pursuit  for  knowledge and  wisdom. Through innovation and selfless-giving. Rater it means developing networks and  social  links that  will  facilitate  exchange  of  information from one  level  of  authority to  another. With  or without government support and intervention.

For  life  is  a total  sum  of  decisions  we  make  not years we  live. And  which  determines whether we  would  achieve our goals  or  die  frustrated. Despite of our  background and  affiliations.

Unfortunately  which  only  serves  to  heighten our  insecurity  and  sense  of  isolation by  encouraging  hatred and other  mishaps.

Instead  of  building our  capacity  to  think  and  reason  with the rest  of  the world. Despite  of  our differences.

I hail  my  comrades in  opposition who  love  experimenting  with life and  new ideas  for  advancement  of  society  and  public  good even  if  they  place  them  in a compromising  position with authorities and their  peers . Rather  than  scandals  and  bizarre  situations  that  embraces their  opponents in  the government before  the  public  and international community  for  amusement  and  self  gratification  no  matter  how hard and  tempting  and  vice  versa

As  they  represent a  new  breed  of men  and women,  who have  seen  the light  that  they  no longer  want  to be  led by ideology  that seeks  power  for  power`s sake.  Instead  they  want  to  be  partakers  in  building their world by  exercising their gifts  minds despite of  their inspirations  in  life.

Though  they  risk isolation  from the masses, who  may  not  perhaps  appreciate  their  line  of  thought ,  especially in  the beginning. Due  to  communication  problem.

But  this can  be solved  through  networking  and capacity  building . Whereby  a  decision has  to  be  reached  as soon  as  possible on  whether we would continue as  spectators  when it  comes to issues  that  affects  us   or become  participants  by  finding  solutions for them . Despite of  our differences.

For  none  can  change our  lives  and  situations. Other than ourselves,  with our  skills and  labor for  love and  dignity  for all; men and women,  rich and poor, distinguished and primitive, abled  and disabled. Within or without. With help  of God and  men with  ambitions, who  see beyond  tribe  and  color.

But  also  institutions that  are  free to perform  their functions with less  interference from  authorities and local  bureaucrats i.e politicians and  party  bosses .Who  may   want  to  influence their  decisions for  amusement and  power. Through coercion

But  also  for social good  and development. Through  activism.Both  affecting  their  day  to  day  business  with  the  latter encouraging efficiency and accountability . While the former bootlicking  and sycophancy

Unfortunately our leaders  and  policy makers have  never  realized the importance of developing state  institutions like  parliament  and  courts  as a strategy  to  win war  on  graft and  other  evils that undermines  society and  public  life .Due perhaps to misconceptions and vested inter-rests. With a  few exceptions.

Therefore putting  the whole  nation at  the mercy of cartels, drug lords and terrorists among other  misfits and demagogues  that have  brought  untold suffering to  families  and  innocent citizens. Who  have found themselves targeted due  perhaps of  their  vulnerability.

But also incompetent security and   law enforcement agencies ;that’s intelligence and police. Who lack will to perform their duties as  a stipulated  in the constitution. Despite of enjoying support from the public . Both moral and spiritual.

Let me explain this further.

For there are people in our circles whose loyalty both to our lives and communities cannot be questioned.

They include, leaders ,businessmen and public servants, among  others.

But there  are also those  who cannot be trusted. Despite of their learning and experience . Men and women alike.

Meaning, were a nation of possibilities, but also mysteries. That  only individuals with sensitive minds can transform for good of themselves and their peers and that’s by careful observation and analysis. Rather than speculation and false-mongering. An indulgence for the lazy and narrow-minded, who fear risks and daunting tasks.

As they expose their ignorance and lower mentality that’s after perfection and fame. Not excellence and service. Which I bet is the ultimate prize of commitment and good workmanship .Apart from happiness and better life  free of constraint. Both material and social.

Though there are other benefits that comes with leading exemplary life that impact positively on society and fellow men . Like wealth and security from  oppression. Both physical and mental. Freedom and individuals’ happiness top the list. Note with their dedication in bringing hope to the broken and relief to the grieving. Through expansion  of their territories . Without eroding on their faith and sense of worth.

For man was created not only to  reproduce and fill the earth .But also to  transform it into  something beautiful that would stand the  test of time. Through  mobilization and resource development .With respect to life and authorities.

Which unfortunately too many of the people  living in the developing world like ours is a dream going as per the prediction  of media and other groups. I bet with no  idea perhaps of  what freedom means beyond ownership of property and voting in an  election.

But who  are fond of shouting obscenities at authorities and local population. Who have never perhaps showed efforts towards  co-operation with foreign powers and their  stooges in  bringing stability and order in public life by relating on discipline and other virtues in quotes. Despite of threats of  isolation by the international community ,including  investors and business partners .

Which I find embarrassing.

If not   immoral .

For  intimidation  cannot wish away individuals desire for freedom and eternal life on earth. Through role playing  .Instead it can only  make them more resilient and determined in their quest that  if not checked may  result to chaos and  unrest, especially when  they  see there if no way  out  to their  goal.

Sudan and Rwanda can serve as an example .

Though the former can claim  of having been  inspired by a noble course of  seeking  justice for the Black minority in the south  that were being killed and persecuted by their Arab majority  counterparts in the  north .As compared perhaps to the latter that was inspired by greed for  power and hatred for  fellow men. Due to perceived differences.

It all boils down to  communication which is more  than just decoding and encoding messages .As it  also  involves timing and  audience assessment.

Unfortunately there are many so-called experts and communication specialists in our community now days who doesn’t appreciate this fact. Despite of training in leadership and conflict management.

They include journalist, consultants and liaison officers, among others.

Instead operates according to their whims and prejudices. I bet which makes them vulnerable and less effective in their  performance to the public. Who expects services both  interms of quality and accessibility even if it would  mean going  against society and established order.

No wonder there is increased disillusionment from both sides of political divide and social spectrum .With  individuals losing fast trust of government and public  institutions ability to  transform their  lives quotes. Through regulation. Without their involvement  in decision- making .Both at  national and county level. Despite of efforts by authorities to persuade them. Through coercion.

However our   destiny cannot be determined by  choices of  a few individuals. Who exploit our differences to advance narrow ethnic interests and agendas that brews conflicts between us and others for  amusement and power.

Instead ought to be  determined by policies that would  propel  our  nation to greatness and re-discovery. Without destroying lives and property.

That’s why  we need  visionary leaders and  enlightened public. Who  knows not only  their rights. But also   responsibilities from  development of institutions to  management of resources. Both economic and intellectual.

For  leadership is about service and  trust .Though it also entail  other things like integrity and  respect to law.

I am  talking  about  value-driven leadership that seeks to improve lives and society for  good of all. Rather than  power-driven leadership that seeks to control them for benefit of few, with connection . Like  the one we have  had  since  independence and  the world all over although with minimum space and freedom of expression.

I bet which  can be utilized  to advance  our course of redemption . Through education and  creation awareness. But  also innovation and policy research .Both which  requires flexibility and  passion for  work, not  pleasure and free things as has become a custom in the modern age  fueled by  ignorance I bet. Rather than needs of our time as   insinuated by  bureaucrats and  other beneficiaries of  a system. That   joys  in  evil and suffering of mankind. Not comfort and  happiness.

All in the name of order and social balance God forbid!

Fortunately or unfortunately none of us is  genius enough to re-write history and social aspirations of man; that’s freedom and  equal opportunity for all  to prosperity and  enjoyment by force and  military repression. Or withholding his  material and  financial supply by bans and  economic sanctions.

For man is the founder of society and all  philosophies that  governs her . Whether in science, government or arts. Therefore a genius in his own right, with  ability to connect even  with alien species in the  space if he  fail to rally support of his  own on the surface in quotes and  still enjoy abundant health and prosperity .

What he requires perhaps is idea, work plan and time not forgetting a team of advisors and expert with practical  minds and  ideology that feeds his spirit with  information. Both raw and processed. Of the latest discoveries in his field of choice and what it  portend  for  his future and  the  world at large. Without  forgetting earlier discoveries that may still provide useful insights and revelations about  life and his role as an individual. Both to state and  society.

But also environment that nurtures his mind by providing incentives that ensures full realization of his potential. Without undermining his happiness and which is divine and  inegotiable. Rather than mere aide to his life and destiny.

As compared perhaps to his fellow beings and masses. Who may be reluctant to break ties with their  communities and look for news relations outside the conventional order even if their current relations seems oppressive and over-burdening to their  lives. For  fear  of isolation from their peers  or being called rebels and  traitors.

However this  doesn’t mean man has  mastered all laws of the universe and  that’s  why  he can  ignore society and still  enjoy immunity from  persecution. Both by  authorities and his peers .

In fact,  he  had  his  fair share of trouble with  authorities and his peers .Who had  always wanted to control him  and  his  dreams but in  vain .For they made him powerful and irresistible with them as his slaves and stepping stones to  his  destiny in quotes.

Rather he  has  learnt to balance  between his  passion and  reality , with  skill and efficiency that only years of learning and practice can  offer. And which can  be achieved by anyone with  patience and humility.

For life  is  a reflection of our thoughts and  values. Not strengths and   positions.

In Life

In life the beginning is not an issue , but how you wrap it up.

That,s you can begin small and end up big. Or in honor and end up in disgrace.

Though you can maintain your position for those on top by connecting with like-minded groups.Or improve your status for those at the bottom by learning from gurus. Both hobbists and professionals.All you need is time and perhaps something to inspire your mind.Which could be anything from a story in the newspaper to a problem at your place of work.

Six Pillars Of Economy That Holds Our Future

There are six pillars of economy that holds our future and which I believe needs rigorous studies by our scholars and researchers. Both in public and private institutions.

This are technology and infrastructure,education and arts,environment and healthcare,security and governance,culture and values,and lastly democracy and human rights


Politics is about power and control. Just like love is about trust and mutual understanding between individuals. Whereby those who have the means would always stand a better chance not only to be elected in office. But also to manipulate government for self-advancement. As compared to the rest , with lesser means. Despite of their gender or age group.

Here ‘means’ refers virtually to all attributes that individuals possess that would put them above the rest . Both in terms of performance and delivery. . Rather than just material endowment and connection.

They include intelligence and ability to innovate. Which I bet are natural to all humans.

Rather than an exception to a few.

Though there are others which are ingrained in our lives by our parents . Through instruction. Like discipline and hard work

Or learnt through our own interaction with society. Like tolerance and respect for one another . Despite of our positions.

All the same, they play a crucial role in shaping our lives and cultural relations by restraining our desires and ambitions to only those that serves the interests of the majority. That’s peace and prosperity. With respect to those of the minority. That’s love and protection.

And which without , our road to disintegration or something worse than that is inevitable. As development would cease, life would become unbearable and people frustrated. A perfect recipe for conflicts resulting to loss of lives and property.

I understand we are a free nation that believes in democracy and rule of law. But also a conservatist society that believes in reciprocation and co-operation as the basis for progress . Rather than slavery and exploitation. Whereby a few live of the sweat of others with impunity among retrogressive practices. In the name of brotherhood.

Such dichotomy of interests puts us right in the centre of intellectual duel between those who want to preserve old ways and order, which is crumbling anyway and those who want change, oblivious to the sentiments of society and those around them. Despite of our efforts to remain neutral and uninvolved. A situation that may either build or destroy us in the future. Depending on how we would play our cards finally.

For more often than not we would be called to offer legal advice or technical assistance. Or both to either group. Of which I doubt if we would be in a position to resist or deliver, without first getting our hands dirty and beliefs twisted. Partially or whole.

That’s why we need stable institutions that can withstand pressure of any sort both from within and without aimed at deflecting them and the populace from their course and divine duties. Both political and social.

This institutions equipped with necessary ideology that labors for justice based on value and economic impact on individuals lives. Should provide security as well as create opportunities for development.. Through research and innovation. Rather than propaganda and blackmail.

That I bet is partly to be blamed for rise of violence and insecurity in our borders . Apart from breakdown of communication between masses.

For at the end of the day, it is our ability to transform life. Through asking questions and debating of issues that affects us and nation on an equal level of representation. That’s whether in the comfort of our offices or privacy of our minds that holds the key to solving injustices in our communities as well as unlocking our potential to sustain ourselves..

That I bet has remained suppressed and under exploited to the present day.

Due perhaps to ignorance

But also external forces

Like imperialism

That’s without necessarily stooping to power.

Or being sycophant of the state and its policies and those who enforce them ranging from courts to civil servants among others.

This issues ranges from love, sex, family ties and gender relations, individuality and personality down to climate change and devolution.

Unfortunately this cannot happen in an environment whereby there is too much control of information and public utilities by authorities i.e media and learning institutions..

Or when there is no freedom of movement and interaction between individuals beyond their profession and age group among other physical boundaries.

Unless we are willing to be carrier victims of one of the worst habits of the old generation into the future. Namely, prejudice and discrimination.

In the name of development.


A New Beginning

One of the greatest weaknesses of the old generation was to assume that man could only be free and governable, so long as he gave up all pretensions of good life beyond what society could provide.

Through his own toil and skillful manipulation of  laws of the universe to his advantage and humanity as a whole. That’s , shelter ,food and clothing and perhaps security from harassment / victimization over his beliefs or skin color. Without bothering himself much about the future and what it had in store for him,  than necessary  And as a result they took no initiative whatsoever to prepare their subjects for future  responsibilities beyond the confines of time .For fear perhaps of losing influence over them and their relations

Or if they did it at all, I want to believe it was not out of love for humanity and desire to do what was right for humanity then and even now. Even if they were not in agreement with all it stood for.  But pressure from the public in collaboration with other forces of enlightenment  across the world. Who wanted freedom and nothing else and as a result have always been prepared to give up everything in their possession, including their lives to achieve it. With a few instances perhaps.

But being a society that believed more in superstitions and super-natural powers, than practical ideas and innovations supported by research findings in science about human nature and adaptability to different environment and cultural systems . They can be excused for that. Just like the young generation can be excused for being impatient with life and a verse to learning /correction from their superiors .

Among them, teachers and parents

Unfortunately, who in overtime have come to regard with mistrust as a threat to their freedom. Rather than affection as allies in  their search for identity as in those old times or so they say. In a world polarized with wars among other misfortunes that have befallen mankind fueled by  ignorance I bet. Rather than limited opportunities for development. Due perhaps of their age difference and therefore in perception too about life and issues that affects them and their world i.e. love, sexual freedom, leisure, among others

And talking about the young generation, I don’t mean just young men and women between the ages of thirteen and forty five. But all those who are still trapped in the old ways and systems of thinking that perceived man as a victim of circumstances, rather than a product of his actions. While society an extension of man’s power, rather than an independent entity, with a free-will  to decide over its own destiny and with independent institutions  that govern her and political relations with authorities and outside world. With information as the driving force, rather than greed .

Due perhaps to misplaced dreams and priorities .Or just sheer neglect

Whatever it is

It leaves behind many unanswered questions to the enquiring mind on the way forward for a people. Who seems ready to sacrifice their hard won freedom at the behest of power. In the name of security and  still parades ourselves to be a democratic country, with a history of tolerance and respect to law/ human rights. Unless we are beginning to lose grasp of reality and trust in our own  ability to transform society and human world.  Through positive contribution to their welfare and development. Both social  and mental. I bet which has been part of our civil culture and politics since ages. Despite of our denial owed perhaps to pressures of modern life .That has literarily turned man into an outright liar and  sworn enemy of truth and therefore his people .In his pursuit for power and bodily pleasures.

For democracy only thrives in an environment whereby government control over individual’s lives and public institutions is almost non-existent and whereby law is supreme and cuts across all ages and sections of society .Without favoritism or discrimination. Similarly, whereby truth and justice rule over might and power, among others.

I believe as a nation we have come of age whereby politicians and their sycophants in the parliament  would manipulate the public. Through segregative laws that puts limitations on  individual’s progress and development. Both social and intellectual by denying them  access to information and other necessary requirements needed to achieve their dreams or meet their life goals and expectations.

That’s with an aim of containing them before turning them thereafter to the outside world for thorough milking and exploitation interest in return for power and other accessories. With impunity.

Rather than raising their moral consciousness  about their role/ responsibilities as citizens. So that they could make informed choices  that governed them and their world for the betterment of themselves and their world in future. Without necessarily being violent or destructive. Both to life and property.

We have built connections with our neighbors from the other side of the world. Individuals and states a like. Some of which has left us bleeding wounds in our spirits .But which has never killed our enthusiasm to do good to our fellow beings and society at large. Without expecting rewards in return. Despite of the temptations and fear of being disappointed by our beneficiaries. Who at times have mistaken our generosity to be a sign of weakness.

Similarly, our commitment to justice and rule of law . Without downplaying human virtues of integrity and selflessness . Despite of our differences has earned us love and admiration across the world. As land of  hope for all  seeking opportunities for improvement. In considerate of their color or  origin.

While putting us in the league of nations with a greater potential for renewal and growth . Despite of our colonial experience. Amidst skepticism from our critics and rivals both at home and abroad. I bet who have never expected perhaps such a turn of events after several decades of heated campaigns locally and internationally meant to isolate us completely from the rest of the world. Both socially and intellectually. With culture as a defense.

And  talking about culture I just don’t mean the way we behave or relate to one another. Both at home and workplace. In our strive to fulfill our material needs and obligations to society. But also the way we perceive and interact altogether with society herself and institutions that govern her.

For instance, media to secure freedom in a world torn apart by conflicts between individuals and state over resources. A resultant effect of misplaced dreams and energy I bet, rather than change in human needs and aspirations. Even though we can’t see her with our eyes or touch her with our hands. Despite of the immense influence she wields over our lives and society in general. Both in public and private.

And talking about the media, I also just don’t mean writers (reporters) and editors of tabloid magazines and  newspapers.  Or producers of radio and television shows . Both entertainment and educational. But also the public  ,who relies to some extent on the  information from the media to run their lives and activities. Whether where to sell their produces after harvesting for the case of the farmers in the villages and countryside. Or how to survive after losing a job and still sustain themselves and their families for the case of the city and urban dwellers.  Without confronting with the law. Notwithstanding authorities  who make laws  that regulates media operations  in our borders. Both at cultural and social level. With respect to the constitution and individual rights to information.

I bet which ought to be privilege to be enjoyed by each and every citizen of our land. Whatever place we come from or position in the society. Other than preserve for a few with a stake in government  and public life. Whether politicians or civil leaders and hardly the best when it comes to  institutions and resource management . Or administration of  justice. . Both in the developed and developing world. Despite of the skill and potential. Or knowledge and experience they may boast of in such field. Due perhaps to vested interests. Or just lack of discipline and self control, among other tests of great leadership and sound mind With a great exception of a few.

That’s why I am not shocked by the current wave of violence in our borders targeting journalists and other independent voices . For their views over issue of the day. Whether political or social. That seems perhaps to be in conflict with authorities and those in power. And in these case I mean, government officials and civil servants. Among them, cabinet secretaries and security personnel’s both high and low, with link to the State House and Treasury .Or ordinary citizens with vested interests in the politics and leadership of the day. Both high and low .

Who just like their lieutenants and generals seems to be suffering from identity crisis and low esteem. That has made them enemies of anyone with a contrary opinion / view to them on how the country could be governed/ managed to meet the needs and expectations of our  time and locals. Both social and economic.

Leave alone sympathize with victims of these cowardly acts of heroism aimed at instilling fear in the public in order to subjugate them, other than to improve their conditions for the better. In the name of brotherhood

Not because I am a pessimist who don’t believe in the will and providence of the future. As my critics would like to put it owed perhaps to my non-conformist views about society and individuals relations. Both in speech and writing. To the amusement of their readers and listeners. Whatever place they come from or sexual orientation. Whose lack of idealism and concern for life beyond  shelter and clothing. Just like their mentors and tutors has prevented them from realizing their true worth and potentials as citizens by reducing them into errand boys and girls of those in  authority. Both politicians and intellectuals alike. Rather than free citizens in charge of their own destiny.

But who are not ready perhaps to admit it openly for fear of losing credibility /trust of their subjects . Or being labeled traitors by their financiers – cum – exploiters  in the government and opposition. I bet who have greatly benefited from former’s dormant and wretched situations since ages. Both spiritually and economically. Through  aggression in aid of  foreign powers and primitive traditions.

Among them racism and sexual discrimination. Both in theory and practice. That’s with no regard to future effects and  who are not ready perhaps to give them back their dignity and that of their relations as well. Unless forced to do so. Both through foul and fair means.

Or a sadist who derives pleasure in seeing my fellow countrymen and humans suffer even through some if they could have brought unto themselves. Due to their own negligence and pride. Whereby instead of engaging themselves in deep philosophical thought about issues that affects them and their world. That emphasize on reason and practical ideas .They would settle for gossips and speculations from the outside word .That employs lies and propaganda  to solve challenges of life  With a few perhaps.

To the detriment of society and what she stands for.That’s love and co-operation with justice and equal rights for all to education and fair trial as the highest goal, rather than power and prestige. But nevertheless, which doesn’t make them brutes or lesser-beings with no rights and value. Despite of their shortcomings .

As it seems to be the thinking of our  leaders both in the government and opposition and their sycophants in the academia and church.. I bet who want to use the issue of insecurity in our borders to legitimize violence and  slaughter of innocent people.. Through marginalization and collective punishment  targeting a particular community or group of persons.

In the name of fighting impunity.

But who lack perhaps the means to bring it into reality fortunately or unfortunately..

That’s moral courage to transform their thoughts into action and political will to execute them, without raising eye brows from the public. Or entering into a legal battle with the state . I bet who in principle ought to provide suitable environment  for business and individual  development.Both spiritual and sexual.  Through progressive leadership that respects  law .Rather than stereotyping and other brainwashing techniques that control behavior . In the name of  order .

Therefore turning their  frustrations on the media and other lobby groups . Whose crime and sin perhaps was to marshal the public in rejecting subjugation and divisive politics. That capitalized on ignorance and human fears to foment wars  between individuals  for amusement and power. Through incitement and coercion. In favor of democracy and technology. That employed reason and creative imagination in combating crime and other human deficiencies .Through diffusion of knowledge and social values. Without necessarily being violent or destructive to life and property. Whatever their drives or motives could have been, I mean the latter.

Calling them unpatriotic and insensitive to the needs of the nation (progress and stability) and aspirations of the natives (better services and quality life.) Other than their own interests and  commercial gains.

Though I can’t deny that at times the media can also at times exaggerates in her presentation of society and situations that’s far more from truth and reality to suite her interests. This shouldn’t  be used as an excuse to deny her freedom to perform her functions.  Through oppressive laws and sanctions. In the name of enhancing professionalism and civic  responsibility in her service to society. Instead should be taken as a precaution to re-organize our ranks in preparation for new battles ahead. Of which we have to do with skill and efficiency of masters familiar with our tools , other than novices sweating our backs for few pieces of silver

This includes de-ethnisation of our politics to reflect the broader image  of our heterogeneous state. Rather than interests  of a few , with  connection. Natives and foreigners alike;  strengthening our internal structures of governance to  respond to   challenges of our time . Among them , terrorism and climate change . Without infringing on individuals rights to expression ; and training the masses in new technologies  to increase on their capacity to feed and sustain themselves, among others. Without stripping their dignity.

Which should be through concerted efforts both at county and national level driven by idealism and vision for the future. That seeks power to change society and individuals lives for better for worse. Through education . Rather than coercion. Both by state and individuals. Unless otherwise.

For no man is born a slave of the other or accept to be turned into one. Whatever the reason or circumstance. However he should not reject authority and what it stands for. That’s orderliness, integrity and selfless-service to humanity no matter the temptations. In favor of chaos and other social disturbances. In the name of democracy.

Or blindly follow authority without questioning anything whether good or bad. In the hope of achieving material benefits among other related things. In the name of brotherhood. Both which undermines his place in the world by making  him a slave of  nature, rather than a free citizen in charge of his own life. The end results being of  course despair and loss of lives. With individuals being the most affected, unfortunately. Due perhaps of their vulnerability

But also lack of role models in life. Who can act both as reference points and catalysts in trying to understand their world better and roles as citizens. Through participation. Apart from their peers and public. I bet whose knowledge of such things like freedom and equal rights, among others. Just like them is narrow and hazy and in most cases derived from myths and superstitions. Rather than reality and everyday life experience and struggles of man to make the world a better place for all to prosper and enjoy their lives/liberties

Therefore failing too the test of credibility as suitable candidates for the position of leadership .Both in the government and private sector. Or advisors to the state on matters of security . Despite of their aggressiveness and enthusiasm.

Having said that, one wonders if we still need role models nowadays to meet our life goals and expectations both at individual and communal level. Rather than information and heart that’s ready to take risks, without looking for scapegoats. The answer is YES!

In fact, we need them more than ever before both at home and work place, in the government and civil service, church and private sector, schools and learning institutions among other related places. Owed to our limited understanding of the universe and  laws that governs it and how we can exploit them effectively to meet our private goals and aspirations (freedom and happiness) and public demands and expectations (security and social services.) Without undermining society or state institutions or being offensive to one another and authorities

Though this may be interpreted differently by different people depending on their beliefs and perceptions. Truth is we need inspiration to unlock our potentials and gifts. Just like we need information to meet our life goals and expectations. Both as a group (nation) and separate entities (individuals.)

This in response to the needs and demands of the changing world, Whereby such work and activities as directed by society and Mother Nature. Like environment conservation and resource development. Through research and innovation that respects diversity and individuals talents, rather than age and background. Or position in the community on one hand and crystallization of old concepts about society and life in general. Like education for service. Rather than amusement and individualism for prosperity.Rather than exploitation of others.

Whereby you don’t need any more to be a member of the political class or businessman to accumulate wealth and property. Or a journalist working with a local radio or television station to comment or publish your stories in the local dailies, among others. Rather than a creative mind and an eye for opportunity to develop oneself. Both spiritually and intellectually. Has brought with themselves new challenges to individuals and society at large. Despite of making life a little lot easier and cheaper to manage and handle.

That I bet requires a new kind of ideology and value system that’s more accommodative and liberating, than oppressive and segregating; practical and sensitive to the needs of the masses, rather than its own egos and prejudices; and more important that can secure happiness for a majority of persons. Rather than just a  few, with means. That’s power and influence

This however doesn’t mean relaxing on morals and virtues of integrity, discipline and selfless-giving to public duty and rule of law. That I bet has seen our counterparts both in Europe and America and of recent Asia, notably china and India rise from oblivion and insignificance to become major players in global economy and politics. Both as a group and separate entities. Despite  of their positions and  ethnic compositions

Though their rise may also have been necessitated by other factors. Like vast natural resources and superior technologies. Rather than mere fascination with ideas . It is worthy noting here that this left on its own. Without sound backing of institutions like government and citizens alike from all levels of society. Who understood that power came with responsibility as freedom was essential for progress and therefore undertook the task not only to acquire them, but also to nurture them for meaningful purposes. That would bring glory and honor to their subjects and society. Rather than bitterness and resentment.

Their dream of impacting society and individuals rises across the world. Through improved services and welfare . Rather than sloganeering and propaganda. Would have remained a dream. Despite of their efforts and determination. At worse would have become a rope by which they would have hanged themselves in future. Courtesy of limited  space to maneuver vs magnitude of problems to tackle ranging from insecurity to unemployment, among others. That  I bet would not have afforded them such a privilege as laxity and innocence even if they wanted to.

Though life at times can be so cruel and unforgiving if it is turned into specimen for theatrical amusement and scientific experiments in the laboratories and public forums. Like media and political rallies by authorities and masses. The benefits have always outweighed the cost. Both in terms of ideas and innovations. With individuals getting the test of what it means to be human by confronting realities and challenges in their world and lives at large. Without hiding behind their tribes or color. Which in turn had impacted positively on their level of production and  esteem. Rather than when it had been left on its own devices. With no effort to change or improve it for better or worse. As this would encourage monotony and stagnation leaving in its wake death and misery

Society in the changing world

Society is on the verge of change and we just like any other responsible citizens of our time. Are faced for another time with choice between tradition and modern life, democracy and dictatorship, anarchy and rule of law, chauvinism and equal opportunity, capitalism and mixed economy among others

That’s through effective use of our intelligence and power of sight and reason Rather than swayed by public opinion and media reports and analysis. Both social and political.

Unfortunately, which are becoming more radical and self centered, rather than balanced and informative. Therefore undermining to some extent real cultural exchange  between individuals  by encouraging permissiveness.Rather than virtue . All in the name of identity and self-expression

However whether this justify state sanctions against freedom of press in our country. Or public participation in discussions; political and cultural. Or even civil rights campaigns against abuse of office by authorities for their own gains . At expense of service. In the name of preserving order . Is a matter of individual discretion to find out for him or herself guided with reason , rather than guilt.

That’s from a simple farmer in the village to a manager in a big institution in the capital. I bet who are both directly and indirectly affected by decisions made by authorities and political leaders at county and national level on their behalf. Both in government and opposition. Whether increasing tax on food items i.e. sugar and flour.

Or banning of ranking of schools in national examination as recently undertaken by the ministry of education; that’s primary and secondary in an effort perhaps to regulate  cheating amongst students and teachers in quotes. Despite of their beliefs and aspirations

Mine is to underscore the need for rationalism and independent evaluation of society and human needs based on their import on economy and individual’s lives . Rather than on what at this and that say. Some of which are too biased that they limit our ability to think and plan a head of our time. Both in person and group. As well as to explore the universe in search for truth about our world and life in general.

That’s by encouraging mediocrity , rather than truth.

For no society can exist by itself in space or vacuum. She has to have the base and the foundation upon which she derives strength and inspiration in her search for freedom and acceptance within and outside her borders.

And this includes, among others, ideas and values she holds and their impact on individuals lives and relations with society herself and outside world . With culture as mediating force.

But also to ensure that there is a sense of continuity and harmony between our interests and aspirations vis a vis realities and demands of our time. Even a little . Which brings us to the question of identity vs responsibilities of man in the changing world.

For as the world become more diversified . Courtesy of technology  . Individuals on the other hand are becoming more self centered as each days unfolds than perhaps any of our philosophers and thinkers both ancient and modern have ever thought or dreamt of. Whether in choosing a dress to wear for the coming birthday party of a friend in the neighborhood or candidate in the coming general election.

It is always about what people would think and say about me, rather than what I think and feel is the right thing for me to do. Such a masochist thinking  makes them want to impress everybody even to their peril.

However whether such a situation is the major cause of frustration amongst the masses .Both high and low resulting to violence and insecurities in the modern age. Rather than needs of our time . Is also a matter of individual discretion to find out for him or herself guided with wisdom and inner understanding of society and human relations. That at times makes it impossible to tame man and his egos. Without first satisfying his thirst for knowledge and development. Even if not all at once. Rather than research data and findings available in text books . Some of which are too steeped in the tradition  to respond adequately to the needs of our time and demands of the changing world.

It is my expectation that the reader of this piece would have a rare opportunity of its kind to dissect society and human world in their search for truth about life and their identities. Both racial and cultural that has almost been hidden from them since ages. Due perhaps to malice as well as opportunities for development. In a world polarized with greed .Both moral and intellectual by employing some of the suggestions I have put across in this piece and others they would deem necessary in their course. Without feeling guilty or left out.

For my aim is to establish a new criteria for judgment and evaluation of society and institutions performance Both civil and cultural as well as economic based on facts, rather than stereotypes and assumptions. That unfortunately has characterized our public life  for the last two and a half a century or so. That saw the rise of industries and technology advancement in education and with it increased space and freedom of expression .Both at local and international level. A symptom of systemic failure in leadership and political class local and international to promote justice beyonmd tribe and color  I bet. Rather than change in human needs and aspirations